BMW 1200GS – Is It So Perfect To Be Boring?

Once in a while, bike manufacturers will come up with a machine that simply takes your breath away. Before you even touch it, you want to just stand there and stare. You want to circle it and view it from every angle, and when you finally touch it, it feels perfect.

That is the BMW R 1200GS for you. This machine is a joy to behold. It is the one bike that does just about everything a biker could ever hope for in a bike. You will even find odes written to it! Some motorcycle enthusiasts feel it is too good to be true. It is, in a word, perfect.

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But is it really?

Favorite Features

The BMW R1200GS has many features that make it stand out from the competition. This beast is a best seller. Some its best features include the following:



The machine comes packed with power despite what the numbers (125HP) indicate. 125HP may seem like nothing compared to other bikes that read 200HP but don’t knock it until you try it. In fact, you cannot use up all the power packed in this beast out on the road. It will have you zooming up and down the street as you try to see how far you can push it.

The TFT Screen

If a screen ever qualified to be described as gorgeous, then this one is it. In addition to its beauty, it works excellently under any condition. It comes with transition animations which work in tandem with the engine, which is a delightful change from the age-old analog needles that you are used to.

Quick Shifting

Long-distance riding has never been as effortless and pleasurable as it is on the R1200GS. The operation is smooth and easy especially when you learn to do it right.


This BMW motorcycle comes packed with the following packages:

The Comfort Package

This includes the following features:

  • Handguards
  • Heated grips

The Touring Package

This includes features such as:

  • Electronic Suspension Adjustment
  • Cruise
  • Navigation
  • Panniers

Also, it provides a shift assistant pro which includes clutchless up and downward shifts.

Anakee 3 Tires

Their grip is excellent, which makes the bike safe even at high speeds. They will adjust between asphalt and gravel as if the surfaces have little choice but to cooperate. You will barely feel bumps and rainy and snowy rides are a cinch.

This is a machine you can trust to get you anywhere and through anything…except a wall, maybe.

Cruise Control

You can engage CC and free your throttle hand to scratch an itch or wave at the gawking folks on the road. As long as you keep your eyes on the road, you will be fine.

These accolades make the BMW R1200GS sound like the perfect machine and you should be as happy as a lark riding smoothly along. However, it is not all rosy although the few issues raised are mainly based on individual preferences. Here are a few of the issues that some riders feel are negatives.


Many bikers appreciate a machine that they have to conquer. The R1200GS does not give you that thrill. In fact, it is a little too comfortable. The machine is in control; not the rider.


Cruise Control

While this is a brilliant concept, it comes with power surges which can be a little unnerving. You cannot fully relax as you have to keep your eyes on the road and maintain even speed. The computer is not programmed to do that for you.

TFT Connectivity

You have Bluetooth features which allow you to browse and select music on your mobile device or even make a call. However, it only works if you follow BMW specifications. This requires you to have a helmet that is congruent with the bike’s Bluetooth. Some riders find this a slightly limiting.


The MBW R1200GS comes as close as a machine can get to perfection which some riders may describe as boring because it poses no challenges. However, its features and performance make it a machine that is far from boring.

New Electric Motorbikes Can Charge Up To 85% In 15 Minutes

It’s no news that all vehicles, motorbikes included, are going the electric way. Considering cost efficiency and low pollution, it’s a small wonder that in the near future most motorcycles will take the electric route. Motorcycles will be faster, but even more exciting is the news that some new electric motorbikes are being launched which will have the capacity to charge up to almost 85% in as little as 15 minutes. In this article we are going to explore all about battery charging.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Motorbike Battery?

The amount of time needed to charge an electric motorbike battery (or any battery, for that matter) depends primarily on the following factors:

  • The battery capacity
  • The degree to which the battery has already been discharged
  • The output of the current charger
  • The charge-acceptance efficiency of the battery
  • The rate of self-discharge
  • The kind of charger being used(Float/Trickle/Smart) and its specifications

Based on what combination of these parameters is applicable to a battery, it can take anywhere between four to twenty-four hours to charge it up to 100%.

The Evoke 6061

Beijing based Evoke Motorcycles’ latest electric offering is the Evoke 6061. Apart from a 120kW(160 hp) in-runner motor, 272Nm(200lb-ft) torque and 200/55-17 dual compound tire(DCT) rear together with a DCT 140/70-17 in front, the 6061 offers a Gen 2 battery which can charge up to 80% in 15 minutes.

New Liquid Battery System

The University of Glasgow is working towards developing a new liquid flow battery that can drastically lower battery charging times. This advanced technology battery uses hydrogen gas or electric power-storing nano-molecules to create a novel form of energy storage. Although primarily aimed at the electric car market, it has the potential to be used in motorbikes as well.

Other Players

Also vying for fast-charge supremacy is the Energica Eva, which claims to charge its battery from 0 to 85% in around 20 minutes. Also, Lightning Strike (by Lightning Motorcycles) is capable of being fully charged in about 35 minutes.

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Taking the above data into consideration, it is safe to assume that the new electric motorbikes of the future will be able to charge to the range of 80-85% in around 15-20 minutes. Although more analysis will be needed to churn out the exact numbers, one thing is for sure:

The future is electric!

The Biggest Trends In The Motorbike Industry That Will Blow You Away

If you are a fan of motorbikes then you would have noticed that there is a decline in traditional motorcycle brands. Riding a motorbike used to be men’s sport but the trend has changed with more female riders enjoying the thrill of being on two wheels. The influx of female riders has transformed motorcycle cultures across the globe.

Market Trends In The Motorbike Industry

Cum4K TubeCum4K Launches

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There has also been an increase in the number of motorcycle purchases across the globe. In 2014, motorcycle registration in the United States hit a record 8.4 million. The slimming economy has influenced people’s choice of a motorbike but there is more happening in the industry than just price and profits. Below are some of the biggest trends in the motorbike industry.

1. Asia/Pacific Is Declining As The Largest Motorbike Market

Asia/Pacific used to be the largest motorbike market. It is considered as a good alternative to public transport – which is not always reliable. Motorbikes are also widely used to pursue business activities in this region. Countries in this region such as Thailand, Indonesia, and China have been the major market for most motorbike manufacturers. This has slowed with the saturation of the region by motorcycles.

2. Internal Combustion Engine Demand Is On The Rise

Western Europe and North America may not be the leading market for motorbikes in the world. In fact, as of 2013, these regions represented only three percent in terms of units of the worldwide motorbike market. Notwithstanding, their taste is affecting the motorbike industry trends in unique ways. Medium and heavy motorcycles are popular in these regions. There is also a rise in the demand for internal combustion engine (ICE) motorbikes after the sharp decline in the past years.

3. E-Bikes Are The Next Big Things

The rise in the demand for e-bikes rose around 2008 and has continued especially in industrialized nations. This trend is projected to continue in Germany and Netherlands. The convenience of e-bikes particularly among older riders and its environmental friendliness has given it an edge over ICE motorbikes. E-bikes have lower operating cost and do not require a license.

Technological Trends In The Motorbike Industry

The advance in technology has trickled down to the motorbike industry. Some of the features that were once exclusive to automobiles have become part of motorbikes too. These technologies are changing the feel of riding motorbikes. Some of the technologies that will blow you away include:

1. It Will Become More Difficult To Fall Off Bikes

Stability is one of the features of automobiles that motorbike riders wished they had. That dream has become a reality with Bosch Stability Control. The stability of newer motorbikes is controlled by a computer. It monitors a series of sensors which applies disc and engine brakes once it senses a loss of traction. This action helps the rider to regain control.

2. Liquid-Cooled Engines

The loud noise of motorbike engines is music to the ears of some riders but to others, it is a nuisance. Most motorbike manufacturers are opting for liquid-cooled engines because of its streamlined designs and production of less noise and heat. Unlike air-cooled bikes which disperse the generated heat through the fins to prevent overheating and engine damage, liquid-cooled bikes transfer the heat to the radiator installed just behind the front wheel of the bikes. This eliminates the burning sensation that a rider often experiences during summer.

Comparisons Between The 2017 Kawasaki Z650, Suzuki SV650 And Yamaha FZ-07: Which One Is The Best Bike For You?

When comparing the top three 650-class upright twin sport bikes - the Kawasaki Z650, Yamaha FZ-07, and Suzuki SV650 - we found that each motorcycle has its benefits and disadvantages. Picking the best out of the three is impossible since each rider has their own specific desires. By riding the three bikes on a variety of different landscapes, we found that each motorcycle takes on each challenge differently, with varying degrees of success.

We asked The Dick Family (check their unique website), what they think about our today's comparison. It's obvious for them that Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha would end up here. But devils sits in the details and each of the bikes have different characteristics that make it unique.

You’ll find that the Kawasaki Z650, Yamaha FZ-07 and Suzuki SV650 are dual-purpose bikes that conquer the urban streets while ripping through some of some of the roughest terrain. Choosing the right bike depends on your riding requirements, and by comparing the different features each bike has to offer, you’ll be able to find the motorcycle that best meets your needs.

Kawasaki Z650

Out of the three, the Kawasaki Z650 is the newest model and is an updated version of the Kawasaki Ninja 650. Although it costs a little less than the other two motorcycles, it features a parallel twin motor and has an over rev that resembles the new Z900. The Z650 has a short wheelbase and a soft suspension that helps it settle nicely in almost any corner.

Kawasaki made this bike very agile by building it with an aggressive front end and a compact and lightweight chassis, making it easy to turn on corners. Even though the motor is a little weaker than the other two bikes, you can spin it a bit down long, straight roads, allowing you to ride faster with fewer shifts. It comes with Dunlop Sportmax D214 tires and lighter springs with an option for ABS.

The Z650 is more compact than the other bikes but doesn’t feel cramped as long as you’re not taller than six feet. The clutch is easily engaged with a light pull and features a very responsive chassis. The motor may not match up to its competition, but aggressive riders will love the agility and precision handling.

Suzuki SV650

After some misses with the Gladius and SFV650, Suzuki is back in the competition with the SV650, which was released in early 2017. This new model features an amazing torquey motor that provides the most top-end power compared to the others. It also has the most relaxed rake and longest wheelbase among the three.

The strong motor and superbly settled chassis allows the SV650 to take on curvy roads smoothly. The stiffer spring on the suspension ensure that the bike doesn’t wobble while taking sharp turns. However, the rider will feel the bumps on the road more. Suzuki built a bike that offers riders plenty of room with its long, relaxed chassis, making it feel like you’re driving a luxury car instead of a motorcycle.

Newer riders will feel more comfortable and reassured by SV650’s smooth throttle response and low RPM assist function. Although it’s bigger and heavier than the other bikes, the chassis is forgiving and gives the bike great stability. The motor is powerful but not too quick, allowing riders to feel relaxed and self-assured, even when splitting lanes.

Yamaha FZ-07

The oldest model of the three bikes, the Yamaha FZ-07 came out three years ago and continues to sell well. Out of the three motorcycles, the FZ-07 has the smallest bore but has a longer stroke that allows for extra displacement, giving it more power at lower rpm.

The spring and damping rates are balanced perfectly in the FZ’s suspension, allowing for smooth rides regardless of the road condition. Although the softer sprung suspension is not as responsive, it is more comfortable. Weighing less than the other two, Yamaha has equipped the bike with more low-end and mid-range power. Taking corners can be managed with very little effort as the bike features a shorter wheelbase and a relaxed rake.

The FZ-07 has the strongest brakes of the three and gives the rider a more linear response. It features the quickest throttle response and strongest low RPM torque, allowing daredevil riders to pull a wheelie with no problem. It also comes with the tallest seat height, giving the rider a clear view of the road ahead of them.


As you can see, each bike has unique features that separate them from each other. The best motorcycle for you depends on what you are looking for. The Suzuki SV650 is big and strong, yet stable and easy to control, making it ideal for newer rider. The Kawasaki Z650 is agile and perfect for the rider who really wants to take control of the road. The Yamaha FZ-07 is quick with a lot of power, which makes it great for the more experienced rider looking to have some fun. Since everyone has different tastes and requirements, finding the perfect bike can mean something different to everyone.

The Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT - Design and Features


Suzuki is a well-reputed brand in terms of motorbikes as well as cars. Since its inception, the company has been producing some of the best motorbikes in the world. The Japanese giant today has manufacturing facilities throughout the globe, and in almost all the developed countries of the world, you will see Suzuki bikes being used by fans, young and old alike. In this article, I will share with you guys some of what I think is special about the Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT. Before we jump into the features, let’s see some of the advantages associated with riding a Suzuki motorbike.

Benefits of Riding a Suzuki Motorbike

-    A Suzuki motorbike consumes less petrol compared to a car. In fact, the amount of petrol consumed is half as much as that of a car. Such a huge economic advantage surely is something that cannot be ignored at all.
-    In most cases, Suzuki motorbikes are very easy to repair as well. A motorbike’s engine is easily accessible. The maintenance of the bike further becomes easy as the parts associated with the bike are usually less constant.
-    Most of the Suzuki motorbikes are rough and tough. No matter what kind of terrain you are driving on, you will surely feel comfortable. Similarly, the speed of the bike would not be a concern for you. Whether you are driving at 20 km/h or 100km/h, in either case, the smoothness of the ride is not affected.
-    Your personality is also very much dependent upon the vehicle you drive. So, if you want your personality to look cool then the best option for you is a Suzuki bike!

Suzuki is one of the top-selling motorcycle brands in the whole world

Key aspects of Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT (Features)

-    The cost of the bike is $12,999. The bike also has a warranty of 12 months.
-    The bike utilizes a V-twin engine (4-stroke, 1,037cc, DOHC). The fuel injection provides the car with the ability to start effortlessly. The smooth power delivery also gets cushioned by fuel injection. The motor gets over squared by a stroke of 100 x 66 mm. The bore/width of the cylinder is greater than its stroke/length.
-    You will find a pre-loaded fork front suspension on the V-Strom. The suspension is also equipped with rebound damping and preload. The rear of the bike has a mono shock which is similarly equipped with rebound damping and preload.
-    The frame of the chassis is made up of aluminum. Similarly, the type of the frame is beam.
-    The V-Strom 1000XT is equipped with a 6-speed transmission which itself contains a multi-slipper clutch and a wet. In order to ensure smooth deceleration, the bike is also facilitated with engine breaking.
-    The bike's front brakes contain 4-piston discs, the rear wheel has been provided support through a single disc having 2 pistons.
-    The safety assists of the bike are “standard ABS” and “Standard Traction Control”.
-    The riding modes of the bike are sport, eco, and custom

Due to its popularity, buying a Suzuki V-Strom 1000 has never been easier

Finding Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT

Finding the Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT will not be that difficult for you. The bike has already been launched and you can easily purchase it through your local dealers. Almost every country in the world has Suzuki showrooms so purchasing of a Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT is a piece of cake for you. However, I would like to tell you that it is recommended that you should purchase the bike from the showroom as that is generally safer and more reliable.

My Experience

I have been a Suzuki rider for a long time now and biking is my hobby. Since 2000, I have ridden various Suzuki models. Though I haven't actually test-ridden the current Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT, based on my experience I can assure you guys that definitely something new is there in this model. If you want to know more about Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT then try out this amazing ride.  I hope that the information which I shared in this article will be appreciated by you. All the facts cannot be covered in a single piece, yet I am sure I have communicated a useful amount of enough information with you. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on a Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT as quickly as possible.

Suzuki - How It Was Able to Attain Success With Motorbikes


The founder of Suzuki Motor Company is Michio Suzuki, and it was founded back in 1920. Since then has been producing some of the best motorbikes the world has ever seen. At the start, the company did not take the motorcycle world by storm; rather, on the contrary, the company had a very slow start and initially it had to suffer some setbacks as well. The company kept producing some nice moderate motorcycle models initially. The first motorbike which really made Suzuki famous was the Diamond Free model. The model won the Mount Fuji Hill Climb in the year 1953, which surely was a big achievement for that time.

The Era of 1954

The famous of “S” logo of Suzuki was introduced in the year 1954. The logo became the identity of the company and is used today. Suzuki won the Grand Prix world championship in 1962. The Company took the major decision of selling their motorbikes in the USA during the year 1963. Suzuki motorbikes were economical and were at the same time efficient as well. Consumers quickly became obsessed with the Suzuki brand and the profits of the company went sky high.

Suzuki introduced its first legal performance bike in the year 1966. Thy called it the X-6 Hustler

The Introduction of X-6 Hustler in 1966

Suzuki introduced its first legal performance bike in the year 1966. The name of this bike was X-6 Hustler. The bike had the distinction of being the fastest 250CC in the market. After the success of X-6 Hustler, the company introduced another bike by the name of Titan (5500 CC). The company, later on, came up with another fantastic motorbike: the GT750. The bike contained two strokes and had the ability to reach the speed of 110 miles per hour.  The bike could accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 5 seconds. The bike was an instant success and contributed a lot to building the brand image of Suzuki in the world market.

The 1970s

The success of Suzuki continued even during the 1970s. The company was able to win the World Motocross Championship during the years 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1976. The company then faced some tough emission regulations in 1976. However, it was quick to overcome this obstacle and no serious issue was faced as far as the market of bikes was concerned.

The 1980s

The company introduced the XN85 in the year 1982. The beauty of this bike was the fact that it was turbocharged. The bike won several races as well. The first American who won the World Motocross Championship did so with XN85.  In the year 1986, Suzuki launched another bike by the name of GSX-R. The thing which made this bike original was the aluminum frame.

The Boulevard

Apart from racing bikes, Suzuki has also made a name for itself in the cruiser market. The Boulevard model has several different sizes that fit the demands of different customers. The model has a sporty look and is very comfortable to ride.  It has five-speed transmissions through which the rider could drive the bike very comfortably no matter how strange or rough the riding terrain is.

The speed of the bike has no effect on your comfort level. The Boulevard is among the top selling cruisers in the market today. The model comes with an unlimited warranty of 12 months. This warranty can be extended as well.

Today, Suzuki is named among the top 4 motorcycle manufacturers of the world

Suzuki Today

Today, Suzuki is named among the top 4 motorcycle manufacturers of the world. The company continues to produce some wonderful biking models even today. As a consumer, you can purchase the Suzuki motorbike from more than 1600 dealerships of the world. The company is renowned for its speedy, comfortable and stylish models. The prices of the most of the models are economical and the bikes can be used for daily use as well.


If you want to know about some of the best motorbikes by Suzuki then check out this article by mademan. The bikes are available and you can purchase them from your local dealer with ease. If you wish you can directly purchase from a Suzuki showroom as well.

BMW R1200: Is It Worth The Money?


There are many companies around the world that are known to manufacture some of the best quality vehicles in the world. When you talk about such companies, then it is very hard to miss out BMW. BMW is primarily known to manufacture some of the best quality cars, however, the company has also made its mark in the motorbike market by producing amazing bikes. One bike from the company is the BMW R1200.

This particular model has been subjected to mixed reviews and for a mixture of reasons. If you are looking forward to buying the BMW R1200, then one question that you will sooner or later have to ask yourself: "Is it worth the money?" The answer to this question is really difficult because it is up to the buyer to decide. Here you will find some information regarding the BMW R1200 that will allow you to decide whether you want to buy this bike or not.

The BMW R1200 has become BMW's biggest seller in motorcycles

BMW R1200 Pedigree: Top-Shelf Specs

The BMW R1200 is the successor to the much popular R1150GS, like its predecessor the R1200 has a lot to offer. For starters, the BMW R1200 provides a comfortable ride, it has strong brakes and beautiful engine. The bike is light-weight and can be handled quite easily. That is why it is recommended that you check out the BMW R1200 if you are looking for a new bike. The BMW R1200 has become BMW's biggest seller and this fact alone says a lot about whether you should buy this bike or not.

The tires that come with the BMW R1200 are absolutely phenomenal. However, if you do not like the standard tires, then you can always opt to replace them with other preferred high-performance ones. Most BMW R1200 users like to use the Tourance II as their choice of tires, others choose Michelin Anakees or Bridgestone BT 020s. However, if you are a person who likes to take you bike for a spin on off road tracks, then you should probably opt for Continental TCK80s. No matter which type of tire you use, the tire life ultimately depends on the mileage. The more you ride the faster the tires will wear out.

Is Cost A Factor For You?

The running costs of the BMW R1200 are also comparatively on the lower side. The BMW R1200 might be an expensive bike but it is not expensive to run. The fuel consumption of the BMW R1200 is pretty decent as it averages at about 48 miles per gallon. However, if you ride at high speeds of about 100+mph then the average can drop to 30 miles per gallon. The average of the bike tends to vary with the speeds. Servicing of the bike is also on the cheaper side, the BMW R1200 asks for a check every 6,000 miles. The major services are also not expensive, that is why this bike will prove to be rather economical.

BMW is primarily known to manufacture the best cars, but the company also made its mark in the motorbike market by producing amazing bikes

BMW is very much popular for its brakes, since the brake pads that the company use are phenomenal and are capable of bringing the vehicle to a standstill in a matter of seconds. Many BMW R1200 owners also use EBC, Carbon Lorraine or Ferodo brakes too, as they work very efficiently. However, just like most other bikes with servo assistance, the rear brake pads on the BMW R1200 tend to wear out really quickly. That is why you should certainly keep it in check.

The BMW R1200 is available in many different colors and finishes, the BMW R1200 is also popular for having a lot of metal in its body which makes it very durable. However, the overall design of the bike also has its flaws. For example, the crash bars of the BMW R1200 can suffer from rust. The paint on the engine can also get peeled off very quickly.


These are some of the things that you should know about the BMW R1200. The bike will certainly be a good choice and it is worth the money. If you are looking for a decent bike, then you should certainly choose to buy the BMW R1200 as it will not disappoint you. It is a beautiful bike that will give you the total run for your money. The design is beautiful and the bike is reliable which is something that is important. For further information regarding the BMW R1200 click here.

Piaggio vs BMW - Which Motorcycle Brand to Choose?


Both Piaggio and BMW are big names as far as motorcycle companies are concerned.  However, when purchasing a bike you may get confused with regards to which company to go for? Since both these companies are known to produce extraordinary machines, a layman can become confused regarding the brand to be purchased. In this article, we will try to compare the bikes of both Piaggio and BMW. Of course, comparing all the bikes would not be easy so to make things easier for myself as well as you guys I have taken one bike from each brand. The model for Piaggio is 2014 Piaggio MP3 500, and the model for BMW is 2014 BMW C 600 Sport.

Piaggio as a Brand

Piaggio is an Italian company well-known for its two-wheeled vehicles. There are several brands currently operating under Piaggio. The company has 6 development and research centers currently operating in more than 50 countries around the world.

The 2014 Piaggio MP3 500 is one of the first 3-wheeler models of motorbikes

2014 Piaggio MP3 500

We will see the different features of Piaggio MP3 500 in the points below

  • The category of this bike is 3 wheel
  • The maximum seating capacity is 2 people
  • The bike is available in 2 colors: Graphite Black and Dragon Red
  • The warranty length of this bike is 24 months
  • The displacement of this bike is 493cc
  • The dry weight is 557 lbs.
  • The gas mileage is 55 mpg
  • The top speed of this bike is 89 mph
  • The bike has a 1-cylinder engine
  • The maximum horsepower is 40hp
  • The maximum torque of this bike is 42.23 lb/ft
  • The bore and stroke is 71.12 x 60.96 mm
  • The cooling system of this bike is Liquid
  • The fuel capacity of this bike is 3.2 gal
  • The two emission certificates of this bike are EPA and CARB
  • The ignition of the bike is electric
  • The chassis of the bike is double cradle trellis
  • The front suspension of this bike is in the form of a parallelogram that supports two steering tubes
  • An oscillating engine that is attached to the frame serves as the rear suspension
  • The rear brake of the car is made of up stainless steel and has a length of 280 mm
  • The front brake is more stainless steel double disc having a length of 280 mm
  • The length of the bike is 85 in
  • The width of the bike is 30.5 in
  • The height of the seat is 30.9 in
  • The wheelbase is 61 in
  • The fuel capacity is 3.2 gal
The BMW C600 Sport redefines what we expect and what is possible with a scooter

2014 BMW C 600 Sport

  • The bike falls in the sports category
  • The seating capacity of this bike is 2 people
  • The bike comes in a variety of colors such as Metallic Black, Alpine White, and Cosmic Blue, etc.
  • The displacement of the bike is 647cc
  • The dry weight of the bike is 522 lbs.
  • The bike has a gas mileage of 42 mpg
  • The top speed of the bike is 109 mph
  • The bike has 2 cylinders
  • The maximum horsepower of the bike is 60 hp
  • The maximum torque of the bike is 66 lb/ft
  • The bike has a bore and stroke of 79 x 66 mm
  • The cooling of the bike is liquid
  • The fuel capacity of the bike is 4.2 gal
  • The bike does not have emission certificates
  • The ignition of the bike is electric
  • The chassis of the bike is more of a steel tube construction
  • An “Upside-down fork  40 mm” serves as the front suspension of the bike
  • A single-sided swing arm serves as the rear suspension of the bike
  • The bike has a single disc brake (rear) of diameter 10.6 inches
  • The length of the bike is 84.8 in
  • The width of the bike is 34.5 in
  • The seat height is 31.5 in.
  • The wheelbase is 62.6 in
  • The fuel capacity is 4.2 gal


By looking at the data, you may find that both the bikes have their own strengths. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personality and the type of bike you want. If you are looking for bikes other than the discussed companies then check out this one by popular mechanics.

BMW vs. Audi - Motorbike vs. Car Comparison


Both BMW and Audi are popular automobile companies. Both companies have their specific set of customers and offerings. In this article, we will simply try to see the general features of BMW bikes and Audi cars. We will try to see the strengths of both these automobiles.


BMW is an abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. The company has its headquarters in Germany and was founded back in the year 1916. The company is a luxury automaker and is considered as one of the best in this regard. BMW also has the privilege of being part of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. BMW is also now the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The company has two divisions. Motorcycles are produced by BMW Motorrad, and motorcars are produced by BMW Motorsport division.

BMW started manufacturing motorbikes in the 1920's.


Comparing all the motorbikes would not be possible; here as a great example, I have taken the BMW S1000RR. Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic features of this bike:
-    Since the speed of the bike must be well controlled, the bike is equipped with electronic rider safety which protects the rider from any mishap. The weight of electronic rider safety is 2.5 kg which can be utilized effectively with DTC (dynamic traction control).
-    The bike has a discreet ABS with wonderful control intervals. The ABS is a lightweight which means that the bike is ideal for people who are fond of low-weight riding.
-    The bike is equipped with DTC which provides efficiency and reliability in terms of operating mode, speed, and lean angle.
-    The bike is equipped with mounted brake calipers. The feature helps the bike to get decelerate effectively. The brake rims are connected directly with the wheel rims, which not only look good but help in the reduction of unsprung mass.
-    The bike is equipped with bore/stroke ratio that provides stability during high speeds. The bike has a superlative engine which is one of its kind
-    The bike is equipped with slits that provide the rider with a relaxed head position. The slits also contribute towards an optimum air flow both for the bike as well as the rider. The overall design of the bike is well crafted and the look of the bike is simply awesome.
-    The seat position of the bike is sporty which means that riding this bike will provide you with perfect control as well as maximum enjoyment.


Audi is also a German manufacturer that is known for its engineering, distribution, production, and design of luxury vehicles. The company is the member of the Volkswagen Group and has its headquarters in Bavaria. There are 9 production facilities in the world which are known for producing Audi-branded vehicles.

Audi is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world.

Audi A4

In the case of Audi, I have taken the Audi A4 as a sample. Let’s see what this car has to offer:
-    The main feature for which the car is renowned is its road presence. The car is equipped with a radiator grill which has a single frame, containing the 4 easily recognisable overlapping rings which have helped to create Audi's brand. The xenon headlamps further enhance the beauty of the car.
-    Additional width is provided to the car by solid wheel arches.
-    The cabin of this beautiful car is made up of leather. Apart from the cabin, the seats of the car are also well structured and are covered with leather too.
-    The Audi A4 is equipped with a 3.2 FSI Tiptronic Quattro engine. The engine has the ability to deliver the power of 265 PS @ 6500 rpm. The engine also has a torque of 330 Nm @ 3000 rpm.
-    The car has the ability to accelerate up to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds.
-    The car has a wonderful balance and you can enjoy a smooth drive no matter what kind of terrain you are driving on.


Both Audi and BMW have their own strengths, as a purchaser, you need to decide which brand suits your personality. There are many models produced by both of them, and the above mentioned were discussed so that you may get some an idea about the offerings of both companies. There are many out there who think that it is not correct to compare a car and a bike. I also agree with this notion, however, this is not a rule of thumb and in some cases such as this, such a comparison can provide meaningful insights.

Motorbike vs. Cheetah - Who Will Win?


The Cheetah is no doubt one of the fastest animals in the world. However with the recent technological advancement which the world has seen, I'd like to pose a question, that is, is the cheetah more powerful than a motorbike? Well, a proper investigation is required on the topic: in this article, I will share with you a research that was published in the Guardian newspaper. The research was done on cheetahs and the subject was the same as that of my article today. Let’s, first of all, see some of the characteristics of a cheetah.

Characteristics of a Cheetah


The cheetah is considered one of the fastest land animals the world has seen. The cheetah has a unique ability to reach a speed of up to 110 kilometers in a span of just 2 seconds. A cheetah can have a stride of 7 meters provided it is at its peak performance. The body of a cheetah is very different from other cats that exist in this world today.  The unique bone structure and the slim and fragile looking body of this beautiful feline allow it to reach top speed within seconds.


The identification of an adult cheetah is that it can be recognised by its black spots all over the body. The front and the color assist the cheetah in its hunting endeavors. The cubs have mantle down their back; this mantle serves as a camouflage for them.

The cheetah has a reputation as a speed demon

Claws and Feet

Compared to other cats, the foot pads of cheetahs are less rounded and harder. These pads are the animal's equivalent of tire treads and are the important part which increases traction. However, without going into technicalities, the claws of cheetahs are more like those of dogs.


A cheetah has a very flexible spine and it is due to this flexibility that a cheetah can extend a lot while running. The shoulder blade of a cheetah is not attached to the collar bone which makes the movement very easy. Due to their flexible spines, cheetahs can extend up to 7 meters. A cheetah can complete 4 strides per second.


A cheetah's tail basically provides a type of counter balance to its body, and this counter balance provides a cheetah with the ability to take sharp turns. The tail also serves as a signaling device for a cheetah. The tip of the tail may differ according to each animal.


Like many other animal species, cheetahs are also facing extinction. The number of cheetahs in the world has decreased seriously and the cause behind this fact include things like Illegal wildlife, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict.

Motorbikes are now equipped with engines with enough horsepower to zoom at top speed

Cheetah vs. Motorbike: Is The Cheetah More Powerful?

The power output of a cheetah can be four times higher than an athlete especially when they are sprinting to catch their prey. According to Alan Wilson, the lateral accelerations of a cheetah can be greater than a motorbike. Wilson and his team attached tracking collars on five different cheetahs of Botswana.  The team found out that the top speed of a cheetah can reach 58 mph, which makes them the fastest animal on earth.

Wilson found out that cheetahs have the ability to accelerate by 3 meters per second. Similarly, they can slow down by 4 meters per second. At its top speed, a cheetah can produce a power output as high as 100 watts per kg. This power output is four times greater than the power output produced by Usain Bolt when he made his world record of 9.58.

With so many abilities within themselves, it could be said that cheetahs have more power and speed than a motorbike, however, this is a subject that will require some serious research. Though a cheetah can have high speed, they usually lack in stamina which is something in which a bike with its continual supply of fuel is way ahead in comparison to the cheetah.


Though bikes and cheetahs can be compared, this is a subject that requires more research. The work is already under progress and I think that soon we will hear something on this subject. If you are fond of wild life and if you are keen to know more about cheetahs then check out this informative page on Wikipedia. Apart from Wikipedia, you can find countless documentaries on this animal from the internet. Similarly, plenty of videos can be sourced on YouTube.