It’s no news that all vehicles, motorbikes included, are going the electric way. Considering cost efficiency and low pollution, it’s a small wonder that in the near future most motorcycles will take the electric route. Motorcycles will be faster, but even more exciting is the news that some new electric motorbikes are being launched which will have the capacity to charge up to almost 85% in as little as 15 minutes. In this article we are going to explore all about battery charging.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Motorbike Battery?

The amount of time needed to charge an electric motorbike battery (or any battery, for that matter) depends primarily on the following factors:

  • The battery capacity
  • The degree to which the battery has already been discharged
  • The output of the current charger
  • The charge-acceptance efficiency of the battery
  • The rate of self-discharge
  • The kind of charger being used(Float/Trickle/Smart) and its specifications

Based on what combination of these parameters is applicable to a battery, it can take anywhere between four to twenty-four hours to charge it up to 100%.

The Evoke 6061

Beijing based Evoke Motorcycles’ latest electric offering is the Evoke 6061. Apart from a 120kW(160 hp) in-runner motor, 272Nm(200lb-ft) torque and 200/55-17 dual compound tire(DCT) rear together with a DCT 140/70-17 in front, the 6061 offers a Gen 2 battery which can charge up to 80% in 15 minutes.

New Liquid Battery System

The University of Glasgow is working towards developing a new liquid flow battery that can drastically lower battery charging times. This advanced technology battery uses hydrogen gas or electric power-storing nano-molecules to create a novel form of energy storage. Although primarily aimed at the electric car market, it has the potential to be used in motorbikes as well.

Other Players

Also vying for fast-charge supremacy is the Energica Eva, which claims to charge its battery from 0 to 85% in around 20 minutes. Also, Lightning Strike (by Lightning Motorcycles) is capable of being fully charged in about 35 minutes.

And… Lil Humpers!

Lil HumpersLil Humpers series is all about adult entertainment where young guys (probably already bored with electric era of vehicles) are focusing on scoring MILFs. This Reality Kings series has just launched and their official tube website already offers the preview of ALL episodes. These lucky rascals are probably having a time of their lives with all the best-looking mature babes of our generation. Something that electric bikes can’t beat huh?


Taking the above data into consideration, it is safe to assume that the new electric motorbikes of the future will be able to charge to the range of 80-85% in around 15-20 minutes. Although more analysis will be needed to churn out the exact numbers, one thing is for sure:

The future is electric!