If you are a fan of motorbikes then you would have noticed that there is a decline in traditional motorcycle brands. Riding a motorbike used to be men’s sport but the trend has changed with more female riders enjoying the thrill of being on two wheels. The influx of female riders has transformed motorcycle cultures across the globe.

Market Trends In The Motorbike Industry

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There has also been an increase in the number of motorcycle purchases across the globe. In 2014, motorcycle registration in the United States hit a record 8.4 million. The slimming economy has influenced people’s choice of a motorbike but there is more happening in the industry than just price and profits. Below are some of the biggest trends in the motorbike industry.

1. Asia/Pacific Is Declining As The Largest Motorbike Market

Asia/Pacific used to be the largest motorbike market. It is considered as a good alternative to public transport – which is not always reliable. Motorbikes are also widely used to pursue business activities in this region. Countries in this region such as Thailand, Indonesia, and China have been the major market for most motorbike manufacturers. This has slowed with the saturation of the region by motorcycles.

2. Internal Combustion Engine Demand Is On The Rise

Western Europe and North America may not be the leading market for motorbikes in the world. In fact, as of 2013, these regions represented only three percent in terms of units of the worldwide motorbike market. Notwithstanding, their taste is affecting the motorbike industry trends in unique ways. Medium and heavy motorcycles are popular in these regions. There is also a rise in the demand for internal combustion engine (ICE) motorbikes after the sharp decline in the past years.

3. E-Bikes Are The Next Big Things

The rise in the demand for e-bikes rose around 2008 and has continued especially in industrialized nations. This trend is projected to continue in Germany and Netherlands. The convenience of e-bikes particularly among older riders and its environmental friendliness has given it an edge over ICE motorbikes. E-bikes have lower operating cost and do not require a license.

Technological Trends In The Motorbike Industry

The advance in technology has trickled down to the motorbike industry. Some of the features that were once exclusive to automobiles have become part of motorbikes too. These technologies are changing the feel of riding motorbikes. Some of the technologies that will blow you away include:

1. It Will Become More Difficult To Fall Off Bikes

Stability is one of the features of automobiles that motorbike riders wished they had. That dream has become a reality with Bosch Stability Control. The stability of newer motorbikes is controlled by a computer. It monitors a series of sensors which applies disc and engine brakes once it senses a loss of traction. This action helps the rider to regain control.

2. Liquid-Cooled Engines

The loud noise of motorbike engines is music to the ears of some riders but to others, it is a nuisance. Most motorbike manufacturers are opting for liquid-cooled engines because of its streamlined designs and production of less noise and heat. Unlike air-cooled bikes which disperse the generated heat through the fins to prevent overheating and engine damage, liquid-cooled bikes transfer the heat to the radiator installed just behind the front wheel of the bikes. This eliminates the burning sensation that a rider often experiences during summer.