When comparing the top three 650-class upright twin sport bikes – the Kawasaki Z650, Yamaha FZ-07, and Suzuki SV650 – we found that each motorcycle has its benefits and disadvantages. Picking the best out of the three is impossible since each rider has their own specific desires. By riding the three bikes on a variety of different landscapes, we found that each motorcycle takes on each challenge differently, with varying degrees of success.


We asked The Dick Family (check their unique website), what they think about our today’s comparison. It’s obvious for them that Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha would end up here. But devils sits in the details and each of the bikes have different characteristics that make it unique.

You’ll find that the Kawasaki Z650, Yamaha FZ-07 and Suzuki SV650 are dual-purpose bikes that conquer the urban streets while ripping through some of some of the roughest terrain. Choosing the right bike depends on your riding requirements, and by comparing the different features each bike has to offer, you’ll be able to find the motorcycle that best meets your needs.

Kawasaki Z650

Out of the three, the Kawasaki Z650 is the newest model and is an updated version of the Kawasaki Ninja 650. Although it costs a little less than the other two motorcycles, it features a parallel twin motor and has an over rev that resembles the new Z900. The Z650 has a short wheelbase and a soft suspension that helps it settle nicely in almost any corner.

Kawasaki made this bike very agile by building it with an aggressive front end and a compact and lightweight chassis, making it easy to turn on corners. Even though the motor is a little weaker than the other two bikes, you can spin it a bit down long, straight roads, allowing you to ride faster with fewer shifts. It comes with Dunlop Sportmax D214 tires and lighter springs with an option for ABS.

The Z650 is more compact than the other bikes but doesn’t feel cramped as long as you’re not taller than six feet. The clutch is easily engaged with a light pull and features a very responsive chassis. The motor may not match up to its competition, but aggressive riders will love the agility and precision handling.

Suzuki SV650

After some misses with the Gladius and SFV650, Suzuki is back in the competition with the SV650, which was released in early 2017. This new model features an amazing torquey motor that provides the most top-end power compared to the others. It also has the most relaxed rake and longest wheelbase among the three.

The strong motor and superbly settled chassis allows the SV650 to take on curvy roads smoothly. The stiffer spring on the suspension ensure that the bike doesn’t wobble while taking sharp turns. However, the rider will feel the bumps on the road more. Suzuki built a bike that offers riders plenty of room with its long, relaxed chassis, making it feel like you’re driving a luxury car instead of a motorcycle.

Newer riders will feel more comfortable and reassured by SV650’s smooth throttle response and low RPM assist function. Although it’s bigger and heavier than the other bikes, the chassis is forgiving and gives the bike great stability. The motor is powerful but not too quick, allowing riders to feel relaxed and self-assured, even when splitting lanes.

Yamaha FZ-07

The oldest model of the three bikes, the Yamaha FZ-07 came out three years ago and continues to sell well. Out of the three motorcycles, the FZ-07 has the smallest bore but has a longer stroke that allows for extra displacement, giving it more power at lower rpm.

The spring and damping rates are balanced perfectly in the FZ’s suspension, allowing for smooth rides regardless of the road condition. Although the softer sprung suspension is not as responsive, it is more comfortable. Weighing less than the other two, Yamaha has equipped the bike with more low-end and mid-range power. Taking corners can be managed with very little effort as the bike features a shorter wheelbase and a relaxed rake.

The FZ-07 has the strongest brakes of the three and gives the rider a more linear response. It features the quickest throttle response and strongest low RPM torque, allowing daredevil riders to pull a wheelie with no problem. It also comes with the tallest seat height, giving the rider a clear view of the road ahead of them.


As you can see, each bike has unique features that separate them from each other. The best motorcycle for you depends on what you are looking for. The Suzuki SV650 is big and strong, yet stable and easy to control, making it ideal for newer rider. The Kawasaki Z650 is agile and perfect for the rider who really wants to take control of the road. The Yamaha FZ-07 is quick with a lot of power, which makes it great for the more experienced rider looking to have some fun. Since everyone has different tastes and requirements, finding the perfect bike can mean something different to everyone.