The founder of Suzuki Motor Company is Michio Suzuki, and it was founded back in 1920. Since then has been producing some of the best motorbikes the world has ever seen. At the start, the company did not take the motorcycle world by storm; rather, on the contrary, the company had a very slow start and initially it had to suffer some setbacks as well. The company kept producing some nice moderate motorcycle models initially. The first motorbike which really made Suzuki famous was the Diamond Free model. The model won the Mount Fuji Hill Climb in the year 1953, which surely was a big achievement for that time.

The Era of 1954

The famous of “S” logo of Suzuki was introduced in the year 1954. The logo became the identity of the company and is used today. Suzuki won the Grand Prix world championship in 1962. The Company took the major decision of selling their motorbikes in the USA during the year 1963. Suzuki motorbikes were economical and were at the same time efficient as well. Consumers quickly became obsessed with the Suzuki brand and the profits of the company went sky high.

Suzuki introduced its first legal performance bike in the year 1966. Thy called it the X-6 Hustler

The Introduction of X-6 Hustler in 1966

Suzuki introduced its first legal performance bike in the year 1966. The name of this bike was X-6 Hustler. The bike had the distinction of being the fastest 250CC in the market. After the success of X-6 Hustler, the company introduced another bike by the name of Titan (5500 CC). The company, later on, came up with another fantastic motorbike: the GT750. The bike contained two strokes and had the ability to reach the speed of 110 miles per hour.  The bike could accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 5 seconds. The bike was an instant success and contributed a lot to building the brand image of Suzuki in the world market.

The 1970s

The success of Suzuki continued even during the 1970s. The company was able to win the World Motocross Championship during the years 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1976. The company then faced some tough emission regulations in 1976. However, it was quick to overcome this obstacle and no serious issue was faced as far as the market of bikes was concerned.

The 1980s

The company introduced the XN85 in the year 1982. The beauty of this bike was the fact that it was turbocharged. The bike won several races as well. The first American who won the World Motocross Championship did so with XN85.  In the year 1986, Suzuki launched another bike by the name of GSX-R. The thing which made this bike original was the aluminum frame.

The Boulevard

Apart from racing bikes, Suzuki has also made a name for itself in the cruiser market. The Boulevard model has several different sizes that fit the demands of different customers. The model has a sporty look and is very comfortable to ride.  It has five-speed transmissions through which the rider could drive the bike very comfortably no matter how strange or rough the riding terrain is.

The speed of the bike has no effect on your comfort level. The Boulevard is among the top selling cruisers in the market today. The model comes with an unlimited warranty of 12 months. This warranty can be extended as well.

Today, Suzuki is named among the top 4 motorcycle manufacturers of the world

Suzuki Today

Today, Suzuki is named among the top 4 motorcycle manufacturers of the world. The company continues to produce some wonderful biking models even today. As a consumer, you can purchase the Suzuki motorbike from more than 1600 dealerships of the world. The company is renowned for its speedy, comfortable and stylish models. The prices of the most of the models are economical and the bikes can be used for daily use as well.


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