BMW vs. Audi - Motorbike vs. Car Comparison


Both BMW and Audi are popular automobile companies. Both companies have their specific set of customers and offerings. In this article, we will simply try to see the general features of BMW bikes and Audi cars. We will try to see the strengths of both these automobiles.


BMW is an abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. The company has its headquarters in Germany and was founded back in the year 1916. The company is a luxury automaker and is considered as one of the best in this regard. BMW also has the privilege of being part of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. BMW is also now the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The company has two divisions. Motorcycles are produced by BMW Motorrad, and motorcars are produced by BMW Motorsport division.

BMW started manufacturing motorbikes in the 1920's.


Comparing all the motorbikes would not be possible; here as a great example, I have taken the BMW S1000RR. Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic features of this bike:
-    Since the speed of the bike must be well controlled, the bike is equipped with electronic rider safety which protects the rider from any mishap. The weight of electronic rider safety is 2.5 kg which can be utilized effectively with DTC (dynamic traction control).
-    The bike has a discreet ABS with wonderful control intervals. The ABS is a lightweight which means that the bike is ideal for people who are fond of low-weight riding.
-    The bike is equipped with DTC which provides efficiency and reliability in terms of operating mode, speed, and lean angle.
-    The bike is equipped with mounted brake calipers. The feature helps the bike to get decelerate effectively. The brake rims are connected directly with the wheel rims, which not only look good but help in the reduction of unsprung mass.
-    The bike is equipped with bore/stroke ratio that provides stability during high speeds. The bike has a superlative engine which is one of its kind
-    The bike is equipped with slits that provide the rider with a relaxed head position. The slits also contribute towards an optimum air flow both for the bike as well as the rider. The overall design of the bike is well crafted and the look of the bike is simply awesome.
-    The seat position of the bike is sporty which means that riding this bike will provide you with perfect control as well as maximum enjoyment.


Audi is also a German manufacturer that is known for its engineering, distribution, production, and design of luxury vehicles. The company is the member of the Volkswagen Group and has its headquarters in Bavaria. There are 9 production facilities in the world which are known for producing Audi-branded vehicles.

Audi is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world.

Audi A4

In the case of Audi, I have taken the Audi A4 as a sample. Let’s see what this car has to offer:
-    The main feature for which the car is renowned is its road presence. The car is equipped with a radiator grill which has a single frame, containing the 4 easily recognisable overlapping rings which have helped to create Audi's brand. The xenon headlamps further enhance the beauty of the car.
-    Additional width is provided to the car by solid wheel arches.
-    The cabin of this beautiful car is made up of leather. Apart from the cabin, the seats of the car are also well structured and are covered with leather too.
-    The Audi A4 is equipped with a 3.2 FSI Tiptronic Quattro engine. The engine has the ability to deliver the power of 265 PS @ 6500 rpm. The engine also has a torque of 330 Nm @ 3000 rpm.
-    The car has the ability to accelerate up to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds.
-    The car has a wonderful balance and you can enjoy a smooth drive no matter what kind of terrain you are driving on.


Both Audi and BMW have their own strengths, as a purchaser, you need to decide which brand suits your personality. There are many models produced by both of them, and the above mentioned were discussed so that you may get some an idea about the offerings of both companies. There are many out there who think that it is not correct to compare a car and a bike. I also agree with this notion, however, this is not a rule of thumb and in some cases such as this, such a comparison can provide meaningful insights.

Motorbike vs. Cheetah - Who Will Win?


The Cheetah is no doubt one of the fastest animals in the world. However with the recent technological advancement which the world has seen, I'd like to pose a question, that is, is the cheetah more powerful than a motorbike? Well, a proper investigation is required on the topic: in this article, I will share with you a research that was published in the Guardian newspaper. The research was done on cheetahs and the subject was the same as that of my article today. Let’s, first of all, see some of the characteristics of a cheetah.

Characteristics of a Cheetah


The cheetah is considered one of the fastest land animals the world has seen. The cheetah has a unique ability to reach a speed of up to 110 kilometers in a span of just 2 seconds. A cheetah can have a stride of 7 meters provided it is at its peak performance. The body of a cheetah is very different from other cats that exist in this world today.  The unique bone structure and the slim and fragile looking body of this beautiful feline allow it to reach top speed within seconds.


The identification of an adult cheetah is that it can be recognised by its black spots all over the body. The front and the color assist the cheetah in its hunting endeavors. The cubs have mantle down their back; this mantle serves as a camouflage for them.

The cheetah has a reputation as a speed demon

Claws and Feet

Compared to other cats, the foot pads of cheetahs are less rounded and harder. These pads are the animal's equivalent of tire treads and are the important part which increases traction. However, without going into technicalities, the claws of cheetahs are more like those of dogs.


A cheetah has a very flexible spine and it is due to this flexibility that a cheetah can extend a lot while running. The shoulder blade of a cheetah is not attached to the collar bone which makes the movement very easy. Due to their flexible spines, cheetahs can extend up to 7 meters. A cheetah can complete 4 strides per second.


A cheetah's tail basically provides a type of counter balance to its body, and this counter balance provides a cheetah with the ability to take sharp turns. The tail also serves as a signaling device for a cheetah. The tip of the tail may differ according to each animal.


Like many other animal species, cheetahs are also facing extinction. The number of cheetahs in the world has decreased seriously and the cause behind this fact include things like Illegal wildlife, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict.

Motorbikes are now equipped with engines with enough horsepower to zoom at top speed

Cheetah vs. Motorbike: Is The Cheetah More Powerful?

The power output of a cheetah can be four times higher than an athlete especially when they are sprinting to catch their prey. According to Alan Wilson, the lateral accelerations of a cheetah can be greater than a motorbike. Wilson and his team attached tracking collars on five different cheetahs of Botswana.  The team found out that the top speed of a cheetah can reach 58 mph, which makes them the fastest animal on earth.

Wilson found out that cheetahs have the ability to accelerate by 3 meters per second. Similarly, they can slow down by 4 meters per second. At its top speed, a cheetah can produce a power output as high as 100 watts per kg. This power output is four times greater than the power output produced by Usain Bolt when he made his world record of 9.58.

With so many abilities within themselves, it could be said that cheetahs have more power and speed than a motorbike, however, this is a subject that will require some serious research. Though a cheetah can have high speed, they usually lack in stamina which is something in which a bike with its continual supply of fuel is way ahead in comparison to the cheetah.


Though bikes and cheetahs can be compared, this is a subject that requires more research. The work is already under progress and I think that soon we will hear something on this subject. If you are fond of wild life and if you are keen to know more about cheetahs then check out this informative page on Wikipedia. Apart from Wikipedia, you can find countless documentaries on this animal from the internet. Similarly, plenty of videos can be sourced on YouTube.